Lab Equipments

[Rock Deformation Apparatuses]
  Conventional Triaxial Apparatus (RTR-1000, GCTS Systems)
  True-Triaxial Apparatus with Coring System and 8-Channel AE system (by Prof. Bezalel Haimson's)  Spring-Loaded Creep Device for use with X-Ray CT Imaging (custom design)
  True-Triaxial Apparatus (by Prof. Bezalel Haimson's)
  Helium Porosimeter
  Bench-top Ultrasonic Velocity
  High-Temperature Dead Weight Creep Apparatus (Prof. Wendy Crone's Lab)

[Rock Sample Preparation Equipments]
  Radial Arm Drill Press (Hole Wizard, now replaced by J-720R, JET Tools)
  Slab Saw
  Precision High Speed Saw (TechCut 5, Allied High Tech)
  Rock Saw (TrimSaw 2, Allied High Tech)
  Rock Saw (Revolution XT, Gemini)
  Surface Grinder