Hiroki Sone
, Associate Professor, leads the rock mechanics group at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. He is a faculty member in the Geological Engineering, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering. He is also an affiliated faculty in the Department of Geoscience. He holds a PhD (2012) in Geophysics from Stanford University. He also holds a MS (2006) and BS (2004) in Geology and Mineralogy from University of Kyoto in Japan. Before joining the UW faculty, Hiroki completed his post-doctorate in the GFZ Helmholtz Center Potsdam.
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Charlotte Bate, Laboratory Technician, has been working together in the Rock Mechanics Lab since 2019. She manages the lab, supervise research activities, and design/implement new instrumentation.

Maciej Trzeciak, Postdoctoral Researcher, was a former visiting student from the Polish Geological Institute in 2016 and 2018. He returned as a postdoc now working on a project developing a technology to measure in-situ stress in boreholes utilizing thermal stresses. He works with the large true-triaxial apparatus with acoustic emission to validate the technology in lab-scale samples. He also started on a project to measure in-situ stress in geothermal reservoirs utilizing cooling-induced fractures in boreholes.


Eril Suhada LaninPhD student, holds a MS (2011) and BS (2004) in Geology from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) in Indonesia. Before starting his doctorate study at UW, he was an assistant lecturer at ITB. He also had previous experience working in the industry. He was a Technical Professional Log Analyst at Halliburton and a Petrophysicist/ Operations Geologist at Kangean Energy in Indonesia. His research focuses on mechanical properties, especially creep, of shales. 

Mayukh Talukdar
, is a PhD student in the Department of Geological Engineering. His interest addresses characterizing fault damage zones and evaluating the importance of ductile behavior on interseismic fault mechanics. Mayukh works in partnership with Taiwanese scientists to embark on bulk time dependent deformational properties, mostly on cores available from ICDP and IODP projects. Previously, as an MS (2016) student at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, he has studied fracture toughness of heat treated samples to simulate hydro-fracking conditions. He holds a BS (2014) in Geological Sciences from Jadavpur University, India. 

Zirou JinPhD student, holds a MS (2018) in GLE from UW-Madison, BS (2016) in Applied Geophysics from Central South University in China. She studies geophysical methods as an undergraduate. She is currently focusing on analytical calculation and data inversion on laboratory fault slip data. Specifically, it is on Westerly granite properties during stick-slip cycles and the viscous properties of Nankai accretionary prism material undergoing stress accumulation.

Benjamin Jahnke, MS student, BS in GLE from UW-Madison (2020). His research focuses on the characterization of elastic properties and fracture toughness of Yates Amphibolite and Rhyolite dike rocks found at the 4100 level of Homestake Mine, SD, for the EGS-Collab project led by LBNL. Ben is also involved in the WHOLESCALE project characterizing the stress state from geophysical data in a geothermal reservoir in San Emidio, NV. Ben will also conduct laboratory experiments to characterize the frictional properties of reservoir rocks in San Emidio.

Porter Garts, Undergraduate Researcher, is in his second year of his BS in Geological Engineering. He is working on tensile strength measurements of Yates Amphibolite and Rhyolite rocks found at the 4100 level of Homestake Mine, SD, for the EGS-Collab project.

Past Members:

Austin Burg, undergraduate researcher (2020)

Casey Ruplinger, undergraduate researcher (2019), now in Texas A&M

Kate CondonMS student (2017-19), undergraduate researcher (2016-17), now with Golder Associates

Ryan O'Connel, undergraduate researcher (2018 -19), now in Colorado School of Mines

Ella Westundergraduate researcher (2019), now in Colorado School of Mines

Miles Buob, undergraduate researcher (2017-18), now with Aurecon, New Zealand

Kevin Hernandez, undergraduate researcher (2018), now in Idaho National Laboratory

Peter Vigilante, MS student (2015 - 2017), now with Navigant

Jonathan Grahamundergraduate researcher (2017), now MS student in UW-Madison Geoscience

Cecilia Cheung, Post-doctoral researcher (2015 -17)

Lauren Abrahams, undergraduate researcher (2016 -17), now in Stanford

Dongsheng Sun, visiting scholar (2016), Institute of Geomechanics, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences